intek NMS - Network Management System

Powerful software for configuring and monitoring video/audio networks. This product has been developed since 2010 and is constantly growing in line with customer requirements. This product is exclusively distributed by partner companies.


  • Server/client architecture (ComModule, NetManager)
  • Persistent data management via central database
  • Redundancy operation with any number of slave databases
  • XML based Hardware modelling
  • Fast integration of new devices
  • Driver architecture for device control
  • Driver for standard protocols SNMP, NETCONF, EmberPlus, Restful-API, OpenFlow already exists
  • Adaptation of the UI via bitmaps
  • End-to-end provisioning of circuits including full resource management
  • Time-controlled circuit switching
  • Recording of any monitored data over time
  • Flexible logic links across all available data
  • Alarm functions for sending emails, SMS, traps on alarm
  • Web-Interface
  • API for external control (Northbound Interface)

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